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Bernadine Turpin

Credit Repair

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to own a home. There is no quick fix for repairing your credit – it takes time and requires persistence and commitment.

Step one

Call our office or go online to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation. We’ll go over your concerns and create a customized plan for you to reach your housing goals.  We’ll discuss ways to add positive credit to your profile that will also improve your credit scores.

 Step two 

After your phone consultation sign-up for affordable credit repair services that allow you to get on the path to good credit. When you have bad credit you become accustomed to paying more and settling for less that stops now!

We’ll keep track of the improvements to your credit score and notify you when you’ve reached a 670 credit score. The score we recommend is higher than what banks require or recommend.

We want you to qualify for a conventional loan with the lowest interest rates, a low monthly payment, and the ability to qualify for state sponsored down payment and closing cost assistance programs.

Step three

You can use to track your credit scores on a monthly basis. Once you have a middle credit score of 670 or higher we can proceed to apply for a mortgage pre-approval. We’ll also see if you’re eligible for grants (that do have to be repaid) and closing cost assistance programs.